About Our Studio

Immersive Works is an indie product design and game development company,

with a focus on producing high quality goods and products, accessible to all,

and a drive to deliver new and fresh content.

Product Design

Immersive Works is designing and creating several physical products that can be purchased through our online store, including 3D-printed models and some exciting secret projects.

Watch this space for upcoming news regarding these developing products.

Game Development

Immersive Works is making development on several digital games aimed at a variety of devices, ranging from Windows and Mac to the latest consoles and mobile devices.

Watch this space for upcoming news regarding these developing projects.

Product Design

We have designed and produced a number of products for the board game,

Civilization: A New Dawn, and are always looking to create more products

that both you and we love.

Game Development

With two keen developers at the helm, Immersive Works are taking a dive into the digital market, with upcoming releases planned for late 2019 and early 2020.

Keep an eye out for more news later in the year!